As partners in care, Hospice of Michigan helps families navigate the caregiving experience, providing continuous support, training, and education. 


Hospice of Michigan offers a variety of solutions and significant support to help caregivers become more capable in this unfamiliar role and more confident in their ability to help their loved one.

And always, if a question or emergency arises, support is only a phone call away to talk through and determine what is needed. Help is available 24/7: call (888)247-5701.



  • Preparing to be the Caregiver Practical tips and strategies to help caregivers be prepared for the challenges ahead.
  • Patient and Caregiver Guide Every caregiver receives an information-packed, user-friendly Patient and Caregiver Guide. This will be your most important source of information and education. This is the tool that your hospice nurse will use to help train you to become a capable and confident caregiver. You can reference this important resource should any questions arise.
  • NorthStar LINC, the ultimate caregiver tool that helps bring immediate care and comfort—any time of day or night.
  • The Pain Scale can be used to better understand certain aspects of a person’s pain, which can include duration, severity, and type. The pain scale helps measure and understand the effectiveness of the treatment plan.
  • Assess Your Stress Managing the stress of caregiving is not easy. These simple questions can help you assess your current level of stress and seek help when needed.
  • Caregiver Support Video Series This video series demonstrates safe techniques for administering medication or changing bed linens, for example—an entire series that anticipates concerns and provides expert guidance. To access the videos in this series, please contact your care team for the password (password is case sensitive).
  • Relax, Refresh, and Recharge Video Series

    This video series includes guided meditations, breathing exercises and guided acupressure segments designed to facilitate and support self-care.

  • Grief Support Groups for anyone grieving from loss, Hospice of Michigan offers several opportunities to join support groups, either virtually or in-person.