Hospice of Michigan Seeking Male Volunteers in Alpena

Not-for-profit urges local men to register as companionship volunteers to support patients and families in the community


Alpena, Mich. (June 22, 2022)Hospice of Michigan is seeking compassionate male volunteers to help patients and families dealing with life-limiting illnesses throughout Alpena and surrounding communities.

“Right now, 90 percent of volunteers in Alpena are women,” said Kathy Lietaert, Hospice of Michigan volunteer program manager. “Despite this statistic, our male volunteers have found purpose in hospice volunteering. We urge men in the community – if you’re looking to give back to your neighbors in need, please consider becoming a volunteer with Hospice of Michigan.”

The not-for-profit particularly needs companionship volunteers to visit patients living at home or in a facility setting. There is also a need for those with musical talents to entertain patients and veterans to visit with patients who are fellow veterans.

When Presque Isle native Chuck Austin started volunteering with Hospice of Michigan in 2017, he wasn’t sure how his visits would benefit local patients. Now with five years of experience, he understands the impact volunteer visits have on patients and families. His message to other men in the community is simple: just try it.

“You can really help another person during a difficult time just by listening to them,” said Austin. “It’s like friendship, becoming deeper and more meaningful with time. Being a hospice volunteer truly touches your heart and gives you a new perspective on life.”

Hospice of Michigan volunteers are vital in helping to deliver exceptional, compassionate support to patients and families according to its mission of caring for patients wherever they call home, right in the same community in which its volunteers live.

 Hospice of Michigan will host orientations on an as-needed basis, so prospective volunteers can learn on their own time. Volunteers do not need any type of training or previous volunteer experience. The not-for-profit welcomes everyone who would like to give back to their community by donating their time and companionship to patients in hospice care. Volunteers must be age 18 or older and have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

For those who have experienced a recent loss, Hospice of Michigan requires a waiting period of one year before becoming a hospice volunteer to allow for the processing of grief.

 Those interested in volunteering can contact Kathy Lietaert at 231-779-5409 or klietaer@hom.org to apply to become a volunteer. To learn more about Hospice of Michigan and apply to become a volunteer, visit hom.org/get-involved.