June B. Hamersma Planned Giving Society

Since 1980, June B. Hamersma has been one of Hospice of Michigan’s most devoted supporters. Recognizing the need to ensure that quality hospice care is available to all who need it, she established the Hospice of Michigan Foundation in June 1994, serving as its first board president. One of the fundamental principles of the Hospice of Michigan Foundation that June instituted was an intense focus on community support. Thus, the Hospice of Michigan Foundation proudly ensures that money raised in a specific community can be directed to stay in that community, providing friends and neighbors support when they need it.

For more information about including Hospice of Michigan in your estate plan or becoming a member of the June B. Hamersma Planned Giving Society, please call Stephanie Le, Director of Planned Giving, at (313) 578-6302.

The June B. Hamersma Society recognizes individuals who have named Hospice of Michigan as a beneficiary in their estate plans, trusts or wills. These individuals share in June’s vision and passion of leaving a legacy for the future of Hospice of Michigan.

Richard Clarence Adiska*
Sharon Alexander*
Robert and Maggie Allesee*
Jean A. Anderson*
Todd and Kat Antrim
Charles R. Ardis*
Frank J. Arleth*
Helen M. Atchinson*
David and Linda Bailey
Debra A. Bailey*
Kenneth Baker*
Reba Cora Bean*
Robert L. Beardslee
Walter S. Beattie*
Gertrude G. Benthem*
Harold L. Bienenfeld*
Frances M. Binder*
Edna Irene Bishoff*
Edward Blickley*
Ardath E. Bogart*
Arriana Boomstra*
Lawrence D., Sr. and Dolores E.* Bos
John A. Bott*
Robert Boulton*
Leo E. Bowhuis*
Margaret E. Bowman*
Eleanore F. Bradshaw*
Elaine M. Bragger*
Donald T. Breen*
Edmund P. Brennan*
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Brintnall
Ruben C. Brost*
Margaret Brower*
H. Justin Brown*
Rose Brudi*
Patricia E. Buchs
Paul and Dorothy Buday*
Lee C. Budge*
Clara D. Burrows*
Bob and Nancy Cahill
William “Charlie” and Ruth L. Carpenter
Robert J. Carr*
Nettie H. Carroll*
Virginia Cartwright*
Gordon R. Case*
Bader and Carolyn Cassin
Donald G. Castle*
William C. Cathers*
Ruth E. Catron*
Mary E. Chamberlain*
Marilyn Chernoff*
Gladys E. Chinn*
Allen B. Christman*
Mildred E. Church*
Elaine L. Clarke*
Maude E. Clement*
Dorothy P. Cobey*
Diane N. Colombo
Harold G. Comfort*
Arden and Myrtle Connell*
William James and Marjorie Connor “In Tribute to Sue Bowler”*
Peter C. Cook*
Charles E. Coultas*
Bruce W. and Mary A. Covey*
Marian C. Craft*
Thelma Craig*
Martha and Joseph Crawford
Constance K. Cremer*
Sylvia Cunningham-Jenkins*
Mary Ann and Francis Curtis*
Morris M. and Ruth A. Dalitz*
Cornelia DeFouw*
Harry N. Dell*
Lillian E. Delmar*
Gertrude Dembny*
Clifford Rowe Dempster*
Dana and Dorothy Dickinson*
John P. Dobson*
Catherine C. Dugan*
Kenneth J. Dumont*
Kathryn Durrant*
Theodore Dutmer*
George A. Eastman*
Vila Eberhard*
Linda J. Edmundson*
Ollie G. Edmundson*
Karen Ann Eggert*
Vernon J. and Johanna Ehlers*
Ernest A. Evans*
Theodore and Iva Fales*
Anthony M. Farage*
Martha H. Felton*
Clare Finch*
Lorne D. Finlayson*
Irma M. Fisk*
Betty J. Franklin*
Victor D. and Margaret N. Fuller*
Rick D. Fulton “In Memory of Sandy Fulton”*
Helen Funke*
Bernice M. Fura*
Margaret Pauline Furman*
Elizabeth K. Gallagher*
Genevieve A. Garcia*
Gregory Mark and Betsy Gathercole
Geis Family*
Dolores L. Gensley*
Margaret George*
Sylvia Gershenson-Sloman*
Ruth Gevercer*
Chester and Wanda Gieldowski*
Ann C. Gilman*
Adrienne Goldberg*
Priscilla A.B. Goodell*
Celia Goodman*
Howard Gowing*
Audrey C. Green*
Marcella Groff*
Lena L. Guaresimo*
Gwendolyn Gussow*
Violet J. Gustafson*
Esther A. Hall*
John and June* Hamersma
Lillian E. Hammond*
William A. and Beatrice R. Hannula*
Louise C. Harris*
Dr. Robert and Lynette Harrison*
Carol Ruth Harroun*
Carol A. Hart*
Jackie* and Dennis Hartford
Norman E. Harwood*
Margaret Ann Hasenclever*
Betty J. Hay*
Marguerite Haynor*
Elizabeth L. Heaton*
Muriel Mae Henry*
Mary Elizabeth Norris Henschell*
Nancy Elizabeth Hibbett*
J. Michael Hickox
Marcie and Brian Hillary
Donna Jean Hoef and Richard A. Zellner*
Henry C. Hoffman*
Evelyn E. Holtorf*
Gertrude Holtrop*
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Horvath
Mark Howard*
Marion E. Howe*
Frances L. Ingersoll*
Daisy M. Irwin*
William J. Johns*
C. Vernon Johnson*
Theresa B. Johnson*
Chrystal M. Jones*
Norma L. and Robert A. Jones*
Helen Jongsma*
Thelma R. Kaminski*
Bernard J Kanthack*
Al and Mary Karner* Charitable Trust
Asahel G. Kellogg*
Edith L. Kemp*
Jennie V. Kerr*
Maurine Kildegaard*
Thomas E. Kimble
Frank E. Kingsley*
Eugene Kleeman* Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Forris B. Klooster*
Edward M. and Henrietta M. Knabusch*
Margaret Jeanne Kole*
Andrew T. Kott*
Frank J. Koziara*
George William Kriegner*
Walter L. Kuczka*
Wanda Labedz*
James and Mary LaFleur
Hazel A. Larkins*
Judith A. Larsen*
Stephanie T. Le and Ky M. Cam
Agnes LeClair*
Gerda A. Lehew*
Raymond LeVeque*
Dorothy F. Lewis*
Laura L. Luce*
Marjorie G. Lumsden*
J. Edward Lundy*
Margaret Luskin*
Wanda F. and Willard F. Lyons*
Phyllis MacKay*
Doris Magennis*
Harry J. Malik*
Viola L. Mallory*
Margaret L. Manier*
Marilyn A. Marks*
Thomas W. Marks*
Bonita J. Marshall*
Leokadia L. Marshall*
William Sibert Martens Jr.*
Marie Maulbetsch*
Catherine G. Mazurek*
June and Cecil McDole*
Marion B. McGinnis*
John and Nancy Miett
John Mihalik*
Patrick and Tamara Miller
Paul C. Miller*
Vera M. Miller*
Eleanor V. Mirek*
Billie* and Lee R. Miskowski
Ruth Moffatt*
Hilda M. Moore and Thomas Moore*
Lynn D. Morrow*
Elmer A. Murray*
Lee Ann Myers
Rose Mysliwiec*
Leona Nauta*
Louise Hitt Neesley*
Valerie B. Nelson*
Louise Nesif*
Emma F. Neumann*
Lois J. Nichols*
Doris E. Nielsen*
Hazel Northman*
Paul Noto*
Mary T. Naudzius*
Beulah M. Nyblad*
Donna* and Lance J. Oberg
Leonard C. Obermeyer*
Kathleen Obershea*
Paul K. Odland*
Maureen K. O’Hare*
Dorothy C. Oliver*
Leonard ‘Jack’ Osie*
Donald G. and Shirley A. Palardy*
Dr. Michael Paletta and Dr. Cheryl Patterson
Helen W. Palmatier*
Risakubde Luise Parsons*
Joan Pastoor*
James F. Paul*
Rita Perdue*
Bruna Peshtani*
Stanley and Myrene Petitpren*
Albert and Blanche Phelps*
Laura J. Pifferello*
William C. Pittello*
Fraser E. Pomeroy*
Jeannine A. Pool*
Joan Porter*
James and Maureen Prest
Russell C. Pryor*
Charles W. Rasmussen*
Pauline A. Regna*
Maurice F. Remenak*
Vera Riddell*
Lorraine and William Robbe*
Enid V. Robinson*
Vera E. Rombough*
Jane W. Rosenbaum*
Edna Grace Rossano*
Maurine E. Russell*
Rosalie Russo*
Arthur R. Rutkowski*
Wilma Rynbrandt*
Janet Sanders*
Gladys G. Sauer*
Alvin J. Schettl*
Maxine Ruby Schmolitz*
Morrison S. Schneider*
Howard W. Scholten*
Lenore B. Schultz*
Julianne Scott*
Katherine A. Seager*
Julian R. Sears*
Lee J. Seymour*
Robert P. Shafer*
Ruth L. Shattuck*
Walter C. and Dorothy G. Shaw*
Marjorie E. Shepard*
Kenneth A. D. Shrodes*
Ann Skillman Moore*
Margaret Couzens Slattery*
Mary Lee Slocum*
Bruce J. Smith*
Margaret E. Smith*
Melvin Jay Smith*
Sally and John R. Smith
Elizabeth E. Snell*
Antoinette Sobocinski*
Patricia A. Sofinski*
June M. Sokol*
Gerard P and Irene Sommerdyke*
Harvey Spoelstra*
Eugene Steensma*
Ethel I. Stephan*
Raymond H. Stevens*
John Franklin Stone*
Tina Stuk*
Leonard Donald Stuller*
Patricia Sturtevant*
M. Irene Sullivan*
Joye C. Thomas*
Lucie Ann Thomassin*
Marjorie L. Thurkettle*
Jane Tol
Janet E. Towne*
Judith Ann Trudeau*
William L. and Anna B. Turner*
Helen Tyrrell*
Mary Grace Unbehend*
Allison R. VandenBerg*
Leslie J. Vantatenhove*
Clarence J. Venema*
James R. and Lucile Vickers*
Jay and Bethel Wagner Trust
Sandra J. Wagner
Esther R. Wallace*
Verena M. Ward
Ida Hannan Weiswasser*
Sophia Welliver*
Connie Wenger
Marie T. Wernette*
Marlene A. Wever*
Jean Whitehead MacLellan*
Lillian Whitman*
Bev and Jerry Whitten*
Victoria R. Wietchy*
Bud and Irma Winther*
James and Debra Wisneski
Gloria J. Witters
Lillian V. Woidka*
Frances Wolf*
Robert and Barbara Wood*
Patricia A. Worley*
Dorothy E. Wray*
Laura Suzanne Wright*
Anne T. York*
Kathryn E. Zabel*
Katherine A. Zant*
Emily Zelenka*
Mary Ann Zimmerman*

*In grateful memory