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Our son was born six weeks premature, and even though he seemed healthy, we learned he had heart abnormalities. After evaluating him, the heart spec...
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Sigh of Relief

When my great grandmother was dying, I remember the day hospice came. My family was at her house – my aunts, my uncles, my cousins. it was Spring ...
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Sprinkles from Heaven

When her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, every day they looked for “sprinkles from heaven” – like an unexpected call from a friend, t...
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My Wife

I’ve been married for 44 years, and this is the first time my wife has been really sick. The hardest thing was to see her in pain. She tried to hi...
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Beach Town

When summer comes, traffic heading north from Detroit gets heavy, but hearts are light. Sand and water, and even an open rural road through a beach to...
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