Patient Stories

Not All Hospice Organizations Are Equal

When John Barczyk’s wife, Joyce, started experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, he was determined to provide the best care for his wife. Yet, as her illness progressed, the physical and emotional challenges of caregiving became increasingly more difficult for John to manage.

He knew he needed help.

John contacted several hospices and quickly learned that not all hospice organizations are equal. Remembering a friend’s positive experience with Hospice of Michigan, he wanted that same compassionate care for his beloved Joyce. Upon contacting Hospice of Michigan, he knew immediately he’d found the right fit.

“What strikes me the most is Hospice of Michigan’s sincerity and caring demeanor. Everyone on the team—the doctor, the registered nurse, the hospice aide, and the music therapist—every person brings the highest level of expertise and professionalism to Joyce’s care. At a very difficult time, when our situation was dire, they came to our rescue,” John said.

Your gift brings care, comfort, and confidence to the bedside.

A familiar song brings a smile to Joyce. Joyce with board-certified Music Therapist Kaitlin Ridgway, MT-BC


John is particularly grateful for access to a nurse 24/7. The security of knowing that professional help is immediately available helps alleviate his anxiety; it gives him confidence and assurance that Joyce is getting the very best support whenever it is needed.

When John learned that their care team included a board-certified music therapist, he was excited that music therapy was going to be a part of Joyce’s care plan. In fact, their visits with the music therapist are always something they look forward to.

With a keen interest in music, he understands its therapeutic power to help calm and comfort Alzheimer’s patients. John is always at Joyce’s side as their music therapist, Kaitlin, plays songs that spark meaningful memories for both of them.

“Kaitlin brings happiness to our family. Joyce smiles and tries to sing along. It is phenomenal!”

Music therapy is just one example of how the generosity of donors help provide comfort and dignity at end of life.

Your financial support is needed to ensure Hospice of Michigan can continue to provide exceptionally skilled and profoundly compassionate care right here in your community.

Please consider making a gift today to help other families like the Barczyks.



A Family’s Love Shines Through a Song of Hope
Together, Joyce’s family composed and produced a song of hope for Joyce and others with Alzheimer’s Disease. John wrote the lyrics, their son-in-law arranged the music, and their daughter can be heard singing in the background.
This lovely song is available for download on virtually every online music platform from iTunes to Spotify and Amazon.
Please take a moment to listen to this song of hope and love.

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